Thus, gentle reader, I have given thee a faithful history of my travels for sixteen years and above seven months: wherein I have not been so studious of ornament as of truth. I could, perhaps, like others, have astonished thee with strange improbable tales.



You will get around 300 pictures in high resolution after strict selection and our specific post processing which build solid and chronological record of the event. The minimum number is indicative as we deliver much more. We don't want to limit ourselves from the top but rather from the bottom - if there are interesting situations during your wedding we won't skip them due to numbers!


The event is recorded by both of us (either Natalia or Wojtek) during 10-12 hours time slot. We meet with you and adjust the coverage for your needs.


All the pictures, when ready are transferred to professional platform protected with a password. You can share pictures with your family and friends immidiately!


High resolution pictures are saved on a USB drive packed in elegant leather cover which is customized by you!


The package includes a luxury, handmade photoalbum (30cm x 30cm) with around 30-40 cards or a photobook with around 160-180 pages where we try to fit all pictures from the wedding. We have wide choice of customization from laser etching, acrylic windows, different materials to match the selected USB drive.


This package covers optional second shooter. It has many advantages - first of all we are able to document preparations of a bride and groom independently without stress and rush to change destinations. Sometimes it is even impossible for one photographer when preparations are far away from each other. Next thing is a backup of pictures we take. The documentary story is more rich due to two different perspectives. The biggest asset however is when there is an unforseen accident - we work independently but not as primary or secondary shooter. We are the same high skilled photographers and each of us delivers documentaries. As a duel who know each other we exactly know what to do and how to do. Single photographer will never be a better or a safer option especially when the event is large with high number of guests.