Investing in photography may sound awkard but when you think that the pictures are records of the moments you come back after 15-20 years... it changes the perspective!

The Investment

We came across many times opinions like: ‘why we have taken this photographer – he didn’t catch this and that’…

Yes it is a common problem when thinking of budget and frequently photographers or videographers are in the bag called: ‘cost savings’.

In our honest opinion media should be booked in first 4 steps and couples should be 100% aware of what they want and are able to distinguish couple best shots from a full good level documentary.

In our opinion a wedding photographer is a very complex person who should have the sense and be multiskilled.

There are just couple photographers in the world who elevated wedding photography to the craftmanship. And this is our goal. To provide beautiful details to which you pay attention,

Q & A

Can we modify the content of packages?

Absolutely! We are flexible and understand that every couple is different thus it is more than welcome. We listen and adjust the packages. You may add some extras or resign from other bits and pieces what will have reflection in pricing.

Can we get more pictures?

You will get more pictures. As it is stated in every package we deliver a minimum number. The fact is we provide more than that, however we keep good quality of our pictures thus perform selection and bring most valuable in terms of content, technical correctness and artistic look.

What is your style?

Our biggest asset is ability to join different kinds of photography. Predominly we are masters in documentary style which is based on street photography to frame unexpected, however we explored other fields as well. We know how to work with couples, how to build poses and unhide emotions of people, how to treat human body as an artistic form. This is why we love engagement and first glance cameral photosessions.

How you process your pictures?

We keep right balance between postprocessing and naturalism. Our every single picture is retouched, however we don't make glamour or plastic skin because it looks odd. The true beauty is in moments, emotions, gestures, however we put lots of effort that our couples are happy from their look.

Can we bring list of shots?

We meet with every couple and consult weddings. It is a very important input for us, who or which details are meaningful for you and we make notes of that. However we are professionals with good eye for catching details and all our couples trusted us saying 'do your magic' :)