Natalia Bochenek-Kopeć

When I look through a viewfinder I see the world in my own way. It is matter of spotting, recognizing, anticipating and timing. This recipe works not only for wedding photography but in general. I taught my brain to find correlations between people, nature and objects.

Wedding as a very specific type of photography requires all the aspects from above but also paying attention do details in portrait photography, good technical skills, knowledge about composition and how to break the rules.

And finally I am an editor - a person sensitive to emotions, their flow across the day to provide a filtered documentary record of the event.

When I don't look through a viewfinder I am wife, mother, daughter, masterchef at home, taster, coffee connoisseur, reader, watcher, pet lover - simply a happy person.

Wojtek Kopeć

Content, light and expression - three factors I must have in photographs

Naturalism, serendipity and unobtrusion - three words which define how I work

I always put myself out of comfort zone. I trust in what I see, how I see and most important how I identify with people or subjects. Some time ago I saw a comment that an event was boring so phtographer didn’t take good pictures. How sad that was! I see beauty and connections between people and things nearly everywhere. Being focused, open minded and feeling vibes of a place I can translate situations through photographs. As more sensitive person I spot corelations much faster and adapt to the event.

This also works for me as family member :) I laugh with my wife watching comedies, cry on dramas, I am proud of my son, get goosebumbs listening rock music. Feeling moments in more sensitive way shape personality and how I see the World.

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